Porting from GTA IV... didn't come out as expect.

I’m using Spark IV to export GTA IV’s models to a smd file. When I try to import it on 3DSMax 8, it either turns out to be some kind of mashed potato thing :


Or doesn’t do anything and just load nothing. Anyone willing to help? D:


Ok so managed to fix the mashed potato, just checked a box on Spark IV, now I can open the model in Max with no problem, although there’s no smoothing.

The “mashed potato” is the skeleton. Untick the “import skeleton” in the importer window. And make sure the “rebuild smoothing groups” is ticked.


Good god those wheels are REALLY low poly. You sure that’s not like a LOD? Or are they really that bad in GTA IV?

There you go, that looks fine.


Wait, why the hell did you just export the whole thing? You’re only supposed to select the high detail models in SparkIV before exporting.

Thanks, that’s what was fucking everything up. :v:
Everything works fine now, have my babies.

One thing though, the NRG, the bike you’re trying to get, has 2 vertions in-game and its model has both variations fused together. Seperating them might be kind difficult. I tried and just gave up.