Porting from GTA San Andreas?

Ok so I wanted to know if its possible to port from GTA:SA, I have an IMG tool that allows me to export a file’s .TXD and .DFF but I have no clue which one is the texture or how to get them in max if its possible

It’s possible. A useful tool set is kam’s GTA scripts, a set of plugins for importing .dff models into 3ds Max. For opening textures, a useful tool is TXD Workshop. I’m not sure if these tools are still around - it’s been a while.

If you’re planning on porting vehicles, prepare to try to wrap your brain around GTA’s material system.

Thanks man, looked up a tut on the Kam’s tool and managed to figure out the rest with what you told me


I would of though that GTA: SA models would be pretty low-poly?

Well I mean they could be used as background props or something and I don’t think everything is going to look terrible

Oh ok…