Porting from MOTORM4X

Now that my all time favorite offroading game has finally been released to the entire world (rather than just the russian areas and some of europe, like it was because the easy co. got fucked over by their publishers) i have come to ask if someone could port them over to source, and if you feel generous enough, make them into drivable vehicles.
Pics of my trucks:

(these are just 3 trucks, but you get the idea.)


I looked in the directory. all the trucks are in .mdl format, so it shouldn’t be hard.

come on guys.

That looks pretty awesome, but AGAIN, porting models from a game means buying the actual game and that’s completely up to the guy doing the porting.

I’d say it’s highly doubtful even though the models look pretty fucking awesome.

motorm4x is $4.89 right now, anyone can afford that. And, if anyone does buy it, they wont be disappointed with the game. Except maybe the sounds for the trucks.


Actually, would you guys mind telling me what i need to port models? I have maya and blender. If you would kindly point me in the right direction i would be grateful!

sorry to bump this again, but i found a Half Life 2 reference: Nova Prospect. In the top left corner of the car.

I’d really like to see this too