Porting from Nintendo Wii

How would I port from a Nintendo Wii game? Specifically Animal Crossing: City folk for Wii. I have the Game and a Wii, what is next?

I believe this is my first post in the Models/Skins section, sorry if I am making any mistakes.

Copy all the data from the disc, DUH! Then rig everything else yourself.

Now, of course, you need a special program which copies directly or else the window may lock up.

You wouldn’t.

Instead of saying “DUH” you could have been very helpful and told me how to copy all the data from the disc. Thanks for your small piece of help though, as I am guessing now, I take that disk and put it in my CD Drive, then magically, I open the folders and can take out the models? Uhhhhhh. I don’t think that is how porting works, but call me out if I am wrong.,


Thanks for the help.

wii/gc discs read backwards compared to regular dvd’s
You will need a special dvd drive to read these
here is a list of compatible dvd drives

once you get ahold of a special dvd drive
follow these instructions for dumping wii game iso’s

open the iso’s in winrar/7zip and go crazy

I thank you so very much dude! :smiley:

If you have a soft modded Wii you can just get a homebrew app to dump all the files across your internet connect to your PC or onto a USB stick/SD card.

What about downloaded .iso’s, like those used with emulators? If I have one of those, can I skip finding a compatible disc drive?