Porting from PS3 games

Hey all. Is it possible to port from PS3 games? I’m wondering because I was playing a game earlier and it had some good models in it.

I don’t think its possible, Unless there is actually a program that can actually transfer the model taken or extracted to pc.

Well if you have a software engineer education, some experience with the ps3’s system and a couple of years to spare; yes.

wow, I was just thinking about the same thing a while back. I would love to see Pain stuff in Gmod. So many props

I would assume is possible, I mean is possible with a Wii and Xbox 360

Some games allow you to download their content onto your ps3 hdd for faster load times. Not sure to what extent but it’s worth taking a look.

No, just the wii.

Then how do people get models from the Xbox? Mariokart had the Dead Rising stuff and S-low got the MK VS DCU models

Yeah and how were people able to release ports of Old Snake and the Gekkos?

Mariokart either
a. Got it from the Wii version or
b. Is magical.

S-low’s weird, too. I have no idea how he gets his stuff.

Hmmm, didn’t Marokart get the RE5 models too before RE5 was on the PC? I seen them on his forums before

he used a tool that i’d rather not mention (to protect the author)
…in a nut shell this program extracts anything that was made with the unreal3 engine.

that’s how S-Low gets his crap.

Somebody else got them, I believe.

Oh, my bad then

Anyways, I did some looking up and the Isabella model look pretty high quality. Judging from other Wii shots, Dead Rising looks pretty low. I mean I never played the Wii one so I never got a look at her

A look at the Wii Dead Rising

Mario’s Isabella, doesn’t look as blurry

Old Snake isn’t a port… There two old snake models out there currently: A terrible reskin of the CSS Guerilla and a Terrible model. I’m confident theres no ports because it’s an extremely high quality model and it would’ve made a noticeable impact on the modelling section had it, infact, been ported.

As far as I know, the Gekkos aren’t a port either, but a original model.

You still have to have the contents of the disk to be able to get at the models with it (unless its some other UTmodel extractor to the one I use hes doing something else first) which is the part I don’t get.

get a blu-ray drive

from there i imagine it would be the same as any other port.

Textures are easy to improve upon.

the DR textures were crappy. the diffuse maps where about 512x512, the normals were 256x256 and lookd texture generated… like created with nvidia’s NM generator. the spec maps where 128x128… or anything under that… and didn’t make sense to me… since the spec maps don’t function properly as spec maps…

for me alot of work had to be done, and reconstructed…

so yes indeed, the texture work is not up to par…also I baked in AO into the diffuse maps, so even those were modified.

back then I was also using ALOT of phong spec and rim light. this contributes to the crappiness :frowning: