Porting from Stalker - CoP

Ok so, I’ve been looking everywhere for a way to properly port Call of Pripyat models. I’ve tried ogf2smd, but it simply does not work for me. I’ve edited the batch file so it contained the name of the OGF I wanted to convert, but every time I convert it, the reference smd it puts out contains a totally fucked up mesh when I load it in to 3DS Max. I’ve tried both smd importers (Wunderboi’s can’t even import it) to no avail.

I’ve tried OGF Viewer, but 99% of the CoP models either crash the program upon loading or when I try to export to .obj.

So could anyone possibly shed some light on this? I know it’s possible since there are CoP models floating around on Garrysmod.org. All I need is to be able to get the model in to 3DS Max (with animations if possible) and I can take care of the rest from there.

Yes, please, re-rigging the OBJ gets real old, real fast.

Oh come on, they’re pretty low poly.

Yeah, but the Psudo-dog/cat won’t be any fun…

I honestly don’t care about animations in the end, having them would be convenient of course, but it’s not a requirement.

How did you even manage to get them to .obj? OGFViewer is the only program I know of that can do it, but it doesn’t work for most of the CoP models (including the ones I want).

Really? Works just fine for me… managed to get a CS guy, Sidovich, and some others out…

Not me. Every model I try to open brings up an error window stating “out of memory.”

All I want is the Heart of the Oasis artifact. D: