Porting from the 3DS

While now it doesnt have that many games to port from, it probably will later. Is it possible, or is it somthing that would have to be waited for? Want to make sure before requesting or considering models from 3DS titles.

Honestly I’m curious about this too, some of the character models in Resident Evil: Revelations (specifically the Raid Mode character select models) look good enough to be ported.

I don’t think it’s possible right now, but hopefully it will be possible later.

I found this this. Not sure if it helps.

It might, actually.

Nope. Tahaxan only works with DS games, not 3DS games. And besides, even then the model format would have to be decoded before anything worthwhile can be ported.

Well, I’m a novice about… just about everything that isnt putting things into the addons folder, but is there a specific program required for porting from console or handheld games, or is it just a different method? I’ve noticed there arent very many models from the handheld systems.

It can be different for each individual game on any system, there’s no “one size fits all” tool for anything. Some games can use the same\similar tools, however that’s usually a special case.

i have made a tutorial a while ago on wikispaces for normal ds games:

This isn’t useful here as he’s only concerned with games from the 3DS, not the DS.

As am I, DS models look like ass.

there is no public solution to decrypt N3DS roms yet.

…as for the format, I’m sure it would follow closely to nintendo’s existing geometry formats.