Porting Garry's Mod Addons to S&Box

Is it even possible to do something like that?

I’m assuming it’s not, but I just want to ask the community in case. I think there have been a lot of good add-ons released over the past few years, and it seems sad that we have to throw all of it in the bin and start over again.

At least one upside to recreating them in a new language is new possibilities and better mechanics/technology to be implemented, since the Source Engine and Lua is a bit limiting compared to Source 2 and C#.

Send me your thoughts and/or critiques.

Well, the author of the addon could recode it again or someone could create a lua interpreter for C#, but the specific things of Garry’ Mod would be completely different of the S&box ones, so probably would be better to recode the addon.

That’s what I was thinking.

While models, maps, and materials seem really easy to port or remake, the only way it could be ported from Garry’s Mod would be to interpret the code.

It’s just a shame that all the years of creating wonderful add-ons will have to be restarted.

It is not difficult for an experienced programmer to rewrite it.

Think of it this way; now people can remake their addons without having to do hacky workarounds in lua for gmod.

It’s (likely) impossible to write a system that converts Lua addons to s&box “addons”. The scope of a Garry’s Mod addon and a s&box game are entirely different. But no matter what, nobody would want all the trash from the last 15 years of Garry’s Mod readily available on s&box. A new game is a chance to start fresh with good content, rather than heaps upon heaps of trash.


totally agree! Everyone should just start from scratch :sleepy: like lua - c# interpreter?! oh yeah 100+ hours of free work no thanks :frowning:

Say no to porting, Become unique and bring change people :roll_eyes:

To keep it simple: Yes, you can port gmod add-ons to s&box by rewriting them in c#. Take it as a possibility to use the advantages of C# and fix old bugs :slight_smile:

Yea, sad we can’t port Minecraft plugins as well… It’s another game :wink:

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