Porting Gmod Models to CS:S

How would I go about porting a Gmod model to a game like CS:S? The reason I wish to do so is to use said model as an admin skin for my clan’s server. I don’t know the first thing about modeling. I have a copy of the model itself and its files in it’s own folder sitting on my desktop.

It came with a materials and models folder. I already have the Source SDK downloaded if I’ll need that.

Put the folder and files in your Counter Strike Source/CSS/ directory.

That’s it? You gotta be kidding me.

(If that’s it, thanks ahead of time. Google failed me, so I came here.)

Yes, that’s it.

They’re on the same fucking engine and use the same model and material AND map formats. Not that hard to comprehend.

Go kick some rocks, commoner. I asked a simple question and got a simple response. No one asked some wannabe e-badass to come in letting me know how pissed he is he couldn’t go to Commoner Con yesterday.

It wasn’t a matter of me comprehending any of that, since I already knew that. I was double-checking to make sure no extra work was needed.

And CS:S is actually on the Episode One engine, whereas Gmod is on the Orange Box engine. Get bent.

Actually they upgraded it :v:

The models are backward compatible, so even if a model is compiled for Orangebox, it will still display properly in the EP1 engine. While the model will work to an extent, you have to make sure that

A. The model is setup on the default Valve Biped skeleton and is able to be animated

B. The model is compiled to include the CSS animations.

I suggest to you, to download Cannonfodder’s mdldecompiler and decompile the model. Once that’s done, open the .QC file with notepad and check the line called “$includemodel”

Replace the current line (if it isn’t what follows) with this:

$includemodel player/cs_player_shared.mdl

Once you’ve done that, copy the QC file into your:


Then drag the QC onto your studiomdl.exe

With any luck, it will compile properly, and by default it will compile into your episode 2 folder.

If you have any more questions, consult the Valve wiki. It has all the information you need incase I’m being a bit too vague with my directions.

does the same go for NPCs? (Just wondering because I want these mw2 diver npc’s to be CT’s. for more information check out my recent threads)

Thanks man. Didn’t think any intelligent people actually posted here. This is just what I needed.


They upgraded what? CS:S has been updated in years. It’s still on the EP1 engine. I don’t recall Gmod getting an engine update either.

If you look over some of the update news around the time of tf2 (or maybe portal I forget) was released you will find that CS:S had some episode Two engine features moved over to EP1 if I recall correctly.

Also CS:S is updated roughly bi-monthly:

“Update News - Counter-Strike: Source
Latest Update: February 1, 2010”

Hope that clears some things up


$includemodel player/cs_player_shared.mdl

Will that make a model rigged to the HL2 skeleton have the animations a CS:S character has? (Holding guns, shooting, etc…)

Last time I help you :mad:

Bi-monthly my ass. That’s not a real update. CS:S players have been asking for Valve to fix game-breaking bugs for YEARS, and all they do is sit on their asses and work on Left 4 Dead 2, and they’re probably working on Left 4 Dead 3 right now. Oh, what’s that? CS:S is their most-played multiplayer game by a large margin and it’s been that way almost since the game came out?? People still buy it to this day? Nah, let’s just abandon it and leave it a broken game.

There’s the massive list, since you commoners aren’t worth that much time to me.


I wasn’t referring to you, that was directed at that first cornball who tried to e-intimidate someone.

Also, that one program doesn’t work. Maybe because I’m on Vista 32 or something? Looks like I’m outta luck with this porting process.

Oh sorry I forgot to mention, put mdldecompiler into your source SDK bin folder, but in the EP1 bin folder. Yeah I know, it’s a bit weird but that’s how it works.

Alrighty, will do. Will edit my post later and let you know the results.

edit - I got it to run, but it gave me an error; “Extra App ID set to 211, but no valid SteamAppId.” I then unticked the box that says “Use Steam File Access” and it then let me load the model. After I tried to decompile it, it told me it couldn’t load the model. Does this have anything to do with me using that new Steam UI beta or anything?

edit 2 - I tried a different model. The .qc file had about six lines with the $includemodel line, so I erased them all and replaced it with “$includemodel player/cs_player_shared.mdl”. I took that, and dropped it on the studiomdl.exe. I couldn’t read the text since it went by fast, but didn’t see any errors. I don’t know if it went through or not. I looked all over the ep2 folder (which I assume is the orangebox folder) and can’t find it.