Porting In General

This maybe a stupid and impatient of me to do this, but I want to know the answers to my bugging questions regarding porting models and/or ragdolls to Gmod and/or SourceFilmmaker:

  1. Do you need the game of the models you want to port (probably obvious answer)

  2. For starting out: Blender or 3dsmax?

  3. Which system of the game usually works best/easier to hardest to port: Ps3, Xbox 360, Wii, or PC?

  4. Is there more to it than just putting it up on blender/3dsmax?

  5. How long does it usually take for a beginner to port a decent character, an item, or a bundle of ragdolls?

  6. Can more than one person work on porting models?

These have been bugging me since I requested models a while back (most of you might know what they are). So answering these questions will help me put my mind at ease.

I know very little, as usually im only involved with the textures, but i do know that:

Yes, unless you have the models already.

3DS Max, from what ive heard, more user friendly.

PS3 is practically impossible, PC is the easiest, 360 and Wii are possible, but it depends on the game/engine.

Oh god yes.

I have no experience but i’d say a few weeks.


Thanks for the answers. To add about the engine, is porting models used by The Unreal Engine easy because like 90% of games today use it and people just found a way to get them?

For the most part, its easy to get model from the unreal engine i believe.

What was it…theres an extractor that gets all the models with bones and shit, i forget what it was.


  1. As a general rule - yes

  2. It’s good to be familiar with both, at least cursory. As a number of import scripts only exist for one or the other. But you’ll usually only work with one. Both work well.

  3. PC (most tools, ripping if not) > 360|wii (some tools exist for both) > ps3 - very few tools exist

  4. Yes. If working on a ragdoll you need to
    a) get the mesh in game
    b) change the skeleton a bit to work well with valve style compiling (single root that’s actually a mesh part and a few other stuff)
    c) convert materials
    d) set up QC with collision joints and a lot of other stuff
    e) write up vmts
    f) if you want to get fancy - faceposing, eyeposing and such

  5. item - half an hour following a guide
    first character without faceposing and that is already rigged - a few hours with a guide
    Once you get more experience this can fall down to 30 minutes per character like that

  6. of course, but they generally don’t since there’s not that much more than a single person can do. But inside the community we sometimes help each other with stuff like material set ups.

Here’s a decent beginner tutorial.

A lot of the stuff in it isn’t very good, but it’s still a good beginner guide.

Man, seems like alot of work to get a few ragdolls. These answers helped me alot, but I doubt I’ll actually get down to making ragdolls. Maybe somewhere far into the future, maybe. But for now, I’m just going to wait and pray for my requested Transformers FOC models to get here.(man that sounds weird)

Just curious, is there a Blender compatible program that allows you to rip models from a game, textures attached and all?

not sure why people are saying ps3 is hard or impossible to port from, its just as easy as xbox… if not easier…
xbox has lots of compressed files, generally noesis supports the xbox version more but that would be in the case that the game is for xbox/ps3
when it comes down to those two systems they are equal, if people make scripts then there you go, if not then your out of luck
Wii is easy always, either get it with brress viewer or game assassin with dolphin.
PC- Remember guys… ninja tool doesnt work on everything now.

I guess it depends on the genres you focus on. I do know there’s a pretty big community that deals with japanese games, or japanese like games for the PS3, but since I never considered those interesting, I kinda ignore them.

japanese games tend to use the same archive type. kinda like capcom using ARC all the time, so it makes it easy to get things from their games. But, lots of fighting games on the ps3 are supported as well, some games that are exclusive to the console are encrypted. but that goes the same for xbox.