Porting Killing Floor 2 models to Source Engine?

Good day,

Recently I got Killing Floor 2 which I’ve been playing with some friends and noticed the game has some really great models which I could use for mapping in Source, except the question is how exactly would I port these models? So far I never really worked with porting models, which I want to try. I read however that especially Unreal Engine 4 is a nut that’s hard to crack because it’s really difficult to gain access to the meshes. My biggest worry is getting the models opened in 3DS Max so I can export them as an .smd from there. Do you guys have any advice on what I need and how I would proceed in extracting the models and importing them in 3DS Max?

Thanks a lot in advance!

A good chunk of the cast has been ported to SFM already. You might have some luck contacting the people behind these ports.

For me it’s not really about the cast, but specifically about environmental models. A good example of a model that I want is the ceiling fan model seen in Farmhouse, since I have the idea I can make a pretty good scene with that.

Use UModel by Gildor. http://www.gildor.org/en/projects/umodel

Doesn’t work on all KF2 packages. Must bring your own weapons.

Good luck with exporting that ceiling fan.

Umodel doesn’t work on static meshes with this game in specific
if you want to export them, use the official KF2 SDK under Tools in steam, and extract them as FBX or OBJ so you can import them into your 3D program. you can extract textures with it, or use umodels for it.

Alright, I’ll be looking into that. Thanks! I’ll report back first I run into issues.