Porting L4D Foliage

Hi. So, for the last few days (honestly, months), I’ve been trying to get several of the Left 4 Dead tree models into Garry’s Mod - or at least, CS:S/EP2 Hammer Editor.

I used that porting program a few years ago (before it “broke”) and it ported over a lot of the models that Garry didn’t feature in the Browse or spawn menu. However, there were still models that I desired - namely, the “urban trees” and the “mall trees/bushes”.
Eventually, I just wanted to use them in a Garry’s Mod-configurable Hammer, such as Episode 2 or CS:S - as maps with Left 4 Dead’s source version crash when loaded in GMod, without rigorous and tedious porting.

So, in short, does anyone have a link to a Left 4 Dead model package that was ported to Hammer? If not, how long would it take to only port the foliage folder into Episode 2 editor, and how would one do such?

Thank you in advance.

No one is going to port any of the models for you, just go download GCFScape, extract models and textures from the DLC1 to DLC3 folders and mount Left 4 Dead (1 and/or 2) in Garry’s Mod

I wasn’t asking anyone to port them for me. I was asking if anyone already had a link, or knew how to.
And thank you.

Would I do the same process in order to get them into Hammer? It seems more complicated than that. I remember something about changing the model version…

You can’t change the model version (and you don’t need to, for some reason, because the current engine used by Garry’s Mod supports L4D’s models) without de-compiling the model and then re-compiling it in a modelling program.

I don’t know how the creator of EvoCity got L4D-styled models into the map without crashing, but you can try it yourself (go ahead, extract some models and textures into the “Steamapps/garrysmod/garrysmod” directory (models: Put them into the models folder, but you will need other folders too. You can use this hexing program which is mostly used in Gmod for hexing models without replacing the originals…

Textures: Drop 'em into the “materials” folder, but again, use folder directories for the textures. Use VTFEdit to check the VMTs for where the $basetextures would be, as they are needed in case you’d want them to show)