Porting Map CSS to CSGO

Hi guys !

im search someone who can help me in Porting map CSS to CSGO.

Im wanna do Old Classic Surf from CSS, so i need to convert few maps :frowning:

Could someone help me ?

porting surf maps ? if you can provide the links to the vmf’s or got premission to decompile the BSP’s i’ll take a look

я могу вам помочь, vk.com/sklyarov_09 свяжитесь со мной я вам портирую

If it’s not your map, you will have to use BSPsource, and check the vmf parameter to convert it to csgo format. And then click Decompile.
If it’s your map, you have a css vmf, that should be openable in csgo sdk, but if it’s not, you can modify the vmf with a text editor, to modify all the outputs.

Csgo outputs use a special character between words, while css and other games use a comma (,)
Open in notepad++ your vmf, open a decompiled csgo map (any map that got some outputs), find an output, copy the special character.

In your vmf do Ctrl+H (Replace), put a comma in the 1st field, and paste that special character in the second field. Click Replace All.
Save, now you can open the vmf in csgo sdk.

Css maps use css contents, so all textures will be missing aswell as the models.

You will either need to find csgo texture that can fit, or just take the css vtf and vmt, convert the vtf to the lastest format (4.5?).
Then you will also need to find models that can replace the originals, or recompile the model so they work in csgo.

That’s a lot of work if you want a good port, and not some crappy shit done in few hours.

Guys for me port map its to hard, can someone help me and convert few maps ?