Porting map

Hello I wanna ask If it is possible a port map from a game. Thanks

depends on the game.

yes, for most games it is

We need more information than just ‘a game’. But most of the time, it can’t be done very well.
Your best bet would be to remake the map by hand.

If you’re asking, you intend to, no? Which game are you trying to port from?

It’s The Walking dead

Someone did port the part at clementine’s house for XNALara on deviantart (If you are talking about the telltale game.)
I can’t seem to find it though.

Can you give me link?

Sorry for the bump, but I found it http://deexie.deviantart.com/#/art/Neighborhood-scenery-378479778?hf=1
Sorry if you already found it. I should have remembered to look in the walking dead porting thread.