Porting maps from other games

I couldn’t find anything on this particular subject, but if there is a tutorial or anything please give me a link.
What I mean is, take a map model from one game and put it into source (similar to how 8bitsandwich did it)
Any tips/tutorials?

What game’s map(s) do you want to port to (I assume) source

It highly depends on the game. A lot of N64 games, such as Mario 64, are easily ripped into compile-ready models.

If you already have a mesh of the wanted level, you can either get the model into hammer and remake it with brushes, or cut the model up in multiple pieces with collision meshes and put those together.
Using models has the best looking result, but using brushes is usually the most optimized.

Really depends on the situation. Is it mostly flat? then brushes are the way to go. does it have weird/dense geometry? then models.

One thing I’ve learnt is that if there’s a pattern on the floor texture, like some sort of grid or tile texture, use that you work out the scale if you want to build it from scratch using eye-measurements.

EDIT: Just my two cents.

How hard would it be to port a map for someone who has no experience with hammer (besides booting it up and making square rooms)?

Pretty difficult. I know my way around hammer, and I can’t do shit with porting or copying maps

For GoldSrc maps, it’s going to be a lot of ripping out your hair as in my experience, you have to apply EVERY texture by hand.

I’ve always wanted to port a map from Star Wars Battlefront 2 but that seems like more effort than its worth

Just out of curiosity, which map were you wanting to port?

I personally want to port snark_pit from Half Life to CS:GO. I started working on it (brush by brush) and quit after an hour or so of boring work.


FWIW, there is a .MAP importer in Wall Worm now that will allow you to import all the world geometry, entities and textures/UVs. YMMV based on your knowledge of Goldsource, Source, 3ds Max and Wall Worm.

The .MAP importer docs are here.

You may also want to refer to the VMF importer docs here. They mention info on the material paths you must set up.

I’ve successfully imported all of my old CS 1.6 levels into 3ds Max and re-exported into CS:GO painlessly with this method. This only helps for those wanting to port Goldsource and Source… regarding other games and formats, you’ll have to experiment or find other resources.

Oh God, I wish I could quadruple “winner” you. Quality product, thanks for the info

Going on this question, how would one port a map from another Source game into another hammer?

My question being is, I have a map I want to port from Alien Swarm (one that I made), but I get a shit load of errors while loading it into the normal Source 2013.

I can’t do 2007 or 2009 either, due to me having some weird problems.