Porting models and animations

How can I port models from, say BO2, and compile them to gmod for sweps? including all the animations with them that is…
I looked at some ways of porting the models but animations arn’t ripped from them at all… How do I achieve ripping models and animations?


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Technically, that’s what they’re doing - they’re just wanting to know how to go about doing it so that they can do so without asking others to do it for them.


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I honestly Don’t know and want to port models for gmod use.

It means “do it yourself”, which is honestly pointless to even bother posting when someone’s simply asking for information on how to go about doing something.

Don’t worry about it. When that guy doesn’t get the answer he wants when he posts a question he gets really mad and tells people off in random threads, or offers shit advice. He did it in the mapping forum too.

It’s great to know that there are nice people on facepunch like you and Katra804.

I’ve looked up numerous stuff on youtube and google but they only show Model porting. Not animation…

Import your skinned model and the animation in 3ds max, export the model and animations as different smd’s, with wunderboy’s and cannonfodder’s exporters there’s something called sequence, with that you can export animations.

That’s not what I mean. I mean HOW do I get the animations.
the tuts on Youtube and Google don’t provide clear enough tutorials. (for models and animations)