Porting models from .CAB Archives?

CAB files seem to be archives opened with winrar. The problem is that some of the ones I have won’t open because the contain game data that the developers don’t want stolen. I’m pretty sure they contain some SMD’s, but I just can’t get to them.

When I try to open these archives, I get a popup saying: “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”

What do I do?

i thought SMD files were source engine only…

best chance is to use the DirectX ripper…

Not sure, but I found some placeholder SMD’s that weren’t blocked in the game data files.

What game?

Thief 3: Deadly Shadows

The SMD name is probably just a coincidence.

Maybe this can help you?

What is it?

Click the link and find out…?

I can’t view or extract any of the files. Also the download took forever. That’s why I asked. Anyways, it gives me a diagnostic error.

C:\Documents and Settings\Name\Desktop	hief content\2009-01-01-thief3editorrelease_jan2005.zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged


Also it doesn’t appear to contain any models… :crying: