Porting Models from Metro 2033

I’m curious to as how difficult it is to Port models from metro 2033 into the source engine. As of now the programs I have are:

VTF Edit
Milk Shape 3D

Do I need all 3 of these programs and can any one point me in the right direction to start?

And is Ripping/Porting the same thing?

ripping= 3dx ripper 3dvia print screen(only getting a mesh in a pose)
porting= getting the mesh rigged with bones

Generally, sometimes porting = no bones but model is in a reference pose, like Dead Rising 2 and Call of Duty for example.

Still much better than ripping though.

ah yes forgot about that.

btw there was a program that got the models from this game, but it didnt get textures if I remember right

ive kindof done this, but metro 2033 models are like werid in 3ds max


metro 2033 tools


That does look odd. So I guess I’ll learn about Rigging?

I recommend you use 3DS Max, the model importer that I use is for Max.

Its like how much to buy 3DS?

And Can I somehow use a Free Modeling program to port/rigg the models over like Blender? Is there addons available to use?

It cost money to buy 3ds max, you could be a bad boy and pirate it but i bought it from the shops for $1000 AUS dollars, blender is a free tool if thats what your looking for


If you’re a student at a University and have a .edu email address, you can get a free student version. They only give out a limited number though.

Sadly I am not done high school yet, Good to know though. I’m going to try and see what applications to use to open up the textures/Models for Metro 2033 if you have any other recommended Programs Post em here,

I have unpacked the files, they are now .BIN What would be the way to open them now?

Ugh I tried using Power ISO But it just sticks to being a BIN Files I’m stuck is 3DS Max the only option…