Porting models from Wii

How do I get my wii models onto the PC??? The disc doesn’t work, but I have BootMii… any help??

For that matter, I want to know how to use BootMii propperly… and furthermore, I want to learn how to convert the models… start to end.

google is a great source for all this,
look for brresviewer. other then that everything else can be searched.

I have that!!! I don’t know how to get them to my SD card.
New Super Mario Wii for… Playstation 1… is the game I’m trying to port from.

If you have a hard drive, you can copy an iso to it using a program whose name I can’t remember, and you can read that hard drive using the WBFS manager (google it). I just consulted my colleague Dr. Google, who says that http://wiki.tockdom.com/wiki/Wiimms_ISO_Tools might be useful for extracting the iso files. Purely hypothetical of course, I don’t condone the cracking of Wiis or illegal copying of it’s software.

Yo tenga una ISO, para NSMBW.

But how do I port with the Dolphinemulator? (Mod0 files)

You are a bit confused on the file format. brres/brmdl = mdl0 format. u can use brawlbox or brresviewer as already said. if u have the iso file u can open it into dolpin, right click on it and select properties. Then u can see the structure of the disk anc u can extract all the files un need.

use Dolphin Emulator open Wii games or GC .iso then extract the files.
you needed the BrawlBox or BRRES Viewer to open the .brres (by some games used the various formats)
i prefer BRRES Viewer, it could export them to .obj, .psk and .md5