Porting models to Counter-Strike Source

Recently I’ve been looking at some releases for Garry’s Mod, actually probably the entire release forum.

I’m requesting if someone can give me a run down on porting Garry’s mod releases into Counter-Strike Source; for player models.

I see some requests for player models to be put into Source, if I were taught how to, I would feel obliged to fulfill most, if not all of these requests.

If this thread is in the wrong area, let me know.


If you can get milkshape, 3ds, GUIstudio, um let me think…OH and VTF edit. Everything I just said except 3ds is free, And will help dramatically. Try youtube for tutorials. Im learning too. Once you start really looking around, Its not as hard as it looks. Im stuck at compiling. Not so much cause of errors but because of my messy AD/HD Habits. Hope this helps you.
EDIT: Get GCF-SCAPE too. Its good for ripping all the content out of those dreadful GCF files, letting you get down to the models and materials. As of how you repack them, I am clueless.

Thanks, I have some experience with compiling because a friend taught me how to hack weapons, which I have long forgotten how to do, but hopefully it won’t turn out as messy as I think it will.

Adult case of ADHD over here too, bra.



Not agreed.


Not agreed