Porting Neotokyo SWEPs.

Has anyone ever attempted this? Since I have NT, I have the v and w_models all inside GMod from Copypasta, but I’ve never found out if it is able to be done.

I just wanted the KLYA-9 Revolver, the Mosoka-41, and the BP308

Can anyone do this, or point me in the right direction?

Heck, if this can be done easily, could we perhaps release a Neotokyo SWEPs pack?

Here’s the link for the other weapons. http://www.neotokyohq.com/media.html

When i was viewing all these in the model viewer, the animations looked like crap to be honest.

I know about that, but the weapons themselves are pretty nice.
(perhaps creating new anims? It’s not quite that big of a deal for me)

New anims = Modeller. If i was a modeller… no sorry… i still probly wouldnt change anims :v:

Well, any chance we could leave the anims alone, and just port them? I don’t really care that much.

Sadly i dont have time to copy and paste code over and over again :v:

Would it be easy to just do this myself, and place them all on the Realistic CSS Weapons 4.0 base? Or am I deluding myself?
In short, what would I do to port these myself?

Become kermite… But i would suggest you NOT do that.

I lol’d, but let’s not make that mistake ever again. But seriously, what would I have to do to port them, and then possible rig them with working world models?