Porting .nif/.kf animations from Fallout 3 to .smd format

Hey, I ported some models from Fallout 3 (Brawler, Abomination, Alien) and wanted to know how I would port their animations. I use 3ds Max 2016 to port, but when I try to import the animation files its says that the files are in improper format. I’m newer to this, but I still have learned plenty about porting.

Here’s and image of the models in-game so far:

First you would import the skeleton.nif into 3DS Max, then import the animation KF file, then export as an animation SMD. Note that you should reset the scene when you go on to the next animation, as if you don’t reset, the bones will get jumbled up.

Alright, will do. Thanks. Also, do you use Wall Worm to export?

I use 3DS Max 2012 with the non-Wallworm SMD exporter, although it should be the same. QC generation is OK, you just have to set everything and should be good to go.

Thanks, again.

Yeah, Gamebryo animations are really easy to port

I had troubles with the vault door system though, there’s some bogus rotation going on during the close animation that I cannot fix. It’s like there are invisible keyframes or something adding extra rotation

That sounds interesting, although I’m mostly into creatures. Hopefully you will get something out of it, or at least something within your interests.