Porting over the DoF Entities from ASW to L4D2?

I dont really know much about modding the source engine, I usually screw around with hammer and thats it.
Now what I’d like to know is: Is it possible to port over the postprocess_controller and the env_dof_controller entities from ASW to L4D2?

no becouse you can’t mod l4d2

No, they are part of the engine. Different engine versions. Without the source code you cannot do anything.

So we’d need the FULL SDK for L4D2 then… Kay, thanks for the answers

It’s possible, but requires very heavy C++ knowledge. If you can do that look into both L4D2’s and ASW’s files and you’ll get it. The only problem is that you can only make it single-player due to the files only you have. If you can get it multiplayer please notify me.