Porting ragdolls to playermodels.

Has anyone got a tutorial for this please?

I’ve looked on Google but I can’t find anything related.

All that comes up is hexing models and skinning, not changing a regular ragdoll to a player-ready model.

So anyone who is good in this subject, please, I need your help.

Thank you.

Does it use the standard valve biped skeleton?

It’s a ported model from Splinter cell: Double agent.

So, no, I don’t think so.

EDIT: It can be posed ingame however like any other HL2 models.

Do you have model manipulator?

No, because I had my doubts whether that would be usable with a ragdoll, animations and such.

Will it still work?

How do you port models from games? I’m planning on porting all the painkiller monsters.

Are they all ready ragdolled, and what if the models are in hke. format.

What programs would I need.


Yeah. Get it an model manipulate the model you want to test onto a citizen.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll post back if it doesn’t work.

Once again, thanks.

No animations when I set my model. This is the model -

This is for a class on a roleplay community I go to. All I need now is instructions on how to make it into a player.


I too would also know how this works. I ported a ragdoll into gmod which poses well. But I would like to know how to make a successful playermodel. Whenever I try, the playermodel’s arms and shoulders are stretched slightly and looks a little weird.

thats because of one of these reasons:

  1. it doesnt match the valve biped rig

  2. you didnt set the weight of the vertices on each bone properly

its most likely number 2, and if it is, then you should manually set the weights of each vertex

take a looky here: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Character_Setup_Overview

take ur model, import the valve biped rig, rig the model to it adjust the weights on each vertex so animations dont look weird, export, compile, have fun

if the model doesnt match the rig, then ull have to make the animations manually or u could resize everything so it fits the rig

Thank you so much!

This is just what I’ve been looking for :slight_smile: