Porting/Ripping from Arma 3?

So seeing as there’s been a few successfull ports such as heads, pilots and even some gear like helmets etc. I was wondering what tools that are needed to port/rip from Arma 3?
And seeing as Bohemia seems to have abandoned their Cease & Desist-spree regarding porters I’d like to extract a few assets myself, or at least try to.


someone lock this thread right now. tons of people already made a thread about arma stuffs.You should search it through this site. Im pretty sure you will find it …

Arma 3 runs on RV4 if I’m not mistaken whilst Arma 2 is RV3, and there where a lot of problems with Arma 2 ports in general, with copyright issues and overall decoding. But as you said, they’ve been better lately, as well for ports. But to all of my searches, I couldn’t find anything.

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In any case, I’ve tried to seach both FP and the internet but I can’t seem to find any obvious tools for ripping/porting.

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I’m pretty sure you will find it…

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When it comes to A3 porting and ripping, I have good news and bad news.

Good news is, it’s possible. Sort-of.

Bad news is, it’s tedious as all hell and I don’t think there’s anyone in the right state of mind that’s willing to put themselves through it.

There’s a whole lot of factors in play here: Sometimes, when trying to convert p3d to obj/smd/whatever, the UVs fucking fuck up and break into some ungodly format, and trying to fix it is near impossible. The newer stuff they added in updates can’t be extracted because they made the game files un-debinarizeable, if that makes any sense. I can’t figure out how in the life of me to use ninjaripper correctly, and when I do manage to get it right, it crashes Arma 3 almost instantly. And there’s of course the issue with darkened textures all being fucked up because it’s ninjaripper.

I did find some models ripped from Arma 3. I’ll leave a link to it here! Search for Arma 3 and you’ll find more than what the link takes you to.

If its any good news for anyone who wants to start porting stuff from ArmA 3. I’ve been able to successfully with NinjaRipper but like F T said, The textures are darkened quite a bit, I also want to note the the UV’s after porting are messed up but its not impossible to fix, they are just enlarged and you just need to use like UV Unwrap in 3ds max and select all the verts and what not then scale them to the appropriate Texture size.

Other then that it seems to work pretty well but again like F T also said; ArmA 3 will probably crash, I usaully set the injector setting to DX11 though, which seems to work the best for my game and I just quickly go into the Arsenal and port what I want. An example would be this AAF Soldier I rigged onto the Valve Biped. Also did the extra work in adding Body groups for the NVGS, Helmet and Vest.

Not sure if any of this makes any sense but I hope it helps you guys in porting some stuff over from ArmA 3.

That’s awesome, thanks for the info.

Np. Anything to help out. If you have any other questions I’ll do my best to answer them and resolve any issues you find!