Porting/Ripping from Crysis?

Haha, i bet some of you think im late…

But im curious on how to port from the first crysis games, so if anyone could help me get set up that’d be great!
(And with that i mean, telling what tools to use, giving useful tips.)

Thanks in advance…

I used 3D Ripper to get the jeep out and its also possible to extract sounds and textures from the archives (google it).

What file am i supposed to select when using 3D Ripper?

What do you mean “select”? You download 3D Ripper, install it, launch the game with it (in DX9!!), while watching your desired model press F12, then open 3ds Max and import the 3dr file located in Documents\3DReaperDX\Frames. You also may have to assign textures located in Documents\3DReaperDX\Textures, or use the way of getting them from the archives (ensures best quality). More detailed instructions are on their site.

Uhm… i installed Ripper, launched it, closed it, since i didn’t knew what folder to analize, changed capture button to F11 (Having two options to capture/whatever with F11) went in-game looked at some stuff, pressed F11 >>> Nothing.


Download that and install the plugin, you should be able to open the files and then export to something like an OBJ. Then do what you need to in 3D Max or Milkshape or whatever

It MUST say “Ready to capture” in yellow text in one of the upper corners. If not, you wont capture anything. Check if you are launching the game in DX9 and NOT DX10. Also game MUST be launched through 3d Ripper’s Launch button. Global monitoring doesn’t work on WIN7.

It does work on the 32 bit version of 7. Doesn’t work on 64 bit.

Thanks for the help guys, i apperciate it!

You’ll need extractor to open Crysis 2 and I forgot what it was :frowning:
You can open Crysis 1 without any problem but 2 seems locked.

Ok, well i was going for the first Games (Crysis, C:Warhead)

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Uhm… I installed Noesis yesterday, and i DL’ed the plugin and put it in the right place… But i don’t know where to look with Noesis… I ain’t finding anything at; STEAM/Steamapps/username/common/crysis/ Etc. Etc.


what do you mean what folder?

You start the ripper. Find the game exe with it (the game is not on now) launch the game trough the ripper. And only then can you capture something.

Ahlright, i tried that and… NOTHING.

You mean there is no “ready to capture” sign when you launch the game through 3d Ripper?

No, i select the directory (I leave the Command line empty.) when it’s selected to Crysis.exe (Game) i press launch >>> Mouse loads aaaand nothing. It doesn’t start at all.

Try adding -dx9 to the command line paramaters, and try selecting 32-bit executable, not 64-bit one (just in case) if you havent already. You said “I select directory”. You mean .exe file in directory, yes?

Yes, i’ll try that.


Still no launch… Anyone know what directories im supposed to look at with Noesis?