Porting Source Models to an RTS Game

**Hi facepunch- I thought I might share what I do with models I get

I port content from other games and mods into the engine of a Real Time Tactical game called “Men of War Assault Squad”** (http://www.moddb.com/games/men-of-war-assault-squad)

The vanilla game is a WW2 themed, highly detailed RTS with a focus on tactics. However, with alittle model hacking, retexturing, and the right wav files, it can be taken to other universes…

Sadly the game’s engine doesn’t support super advanced graphics, so its hardly SFM stuff, but I thought I’d show people that their porting and modeling efforts have been a huge help to more than just gmodders and sfm folks

I should make this clear right now, that these models were ported by me into the MoW engine (except the metrocop/citizens), most of the environments in these pics were made by fellow modders, and ALL of these models were originally posted either on Facepunch, Nexus mods and other places. I don’t remember all the names of the porters, but thanks to all.

Does it only take Source models, or does it do other formats like Unreal or the CryEngine too?

Any format that you can can convert to obj fbx or dae can be ported to the game

the game engine accepts only models converted to MDL format. The developers released a plugin for 3DS max that converts common formats into the MDL format the engine uses.

I’ve ported some weapons from killing floor and some models from crysis (there’s a Kvolt in one of the pictures)

Cool. I love Real Time Strategy, so I can definitely try to donate some assets for modding purposes with what I have lying around the hard drive.

[del]Anything on modding the maps to make it sci-fi or medieval?[/del] Nevermind. Moddb answered that question.