Porting Telltale Models from a Mac

So, I’ve taken a look at Mario’s guide to ragdolling, but most of the information seems set up for Windows computers. I’d really like to start porting some of Telltale’s models and maps over to GMod, but…

A)I’d have no idea where the models would be stored (since there doesn’t seem to be a 3D Ripper for Mac)
and B) I have no idea what programs I’d need to port things, aside from blender.

Does anyone have any advice, or am I SOL, shame on me for using a fruit as a computer?

You probably are screwed. Some of the stuff might be able to work under wine though, some other stuff under parallels.

Wine lol… But srsly! I heard it’s barely possible to port using a Mac.

That’s a bummer. But thank you for the help! I’ll experiment with Wine and try and find a workaround: I’d rather give back to the community than just leech off of it. :v:

Minor update: using Wine and the Telltale Explorer tool (http://quick.mixnmojo.com/software/telltale-explorer), I’m able to extract the models and textures. And that’s half the battle, right?:v:

Now you need to import models to 3d editor :stuck_out_tongue:

He can use blender - has a mac build.
The bigger issue is finding out if studiocompiler, or sourcesdk works under wine

Isn’t Telltale’s games using D3DMesh model format ?

I think so. Why?

How do you going to import model to 3 editor ?

(I apologize for the delay.) I know it can be done. I’ve seen Sam and Max ported to GMod.

Well, let me give you all a minor update.

I gave up on trying to rip the models for my first project and decided to try and just take some models from The Models Resource. I’ve gotten them open in Blender, but that’s about it.

Tried getting Studiocompiler to run under Wine. No dice. VTFEdit isn’t looking much better either, but I’ll fiddle a bit.

Right now, I’ve got folders full of .mtl, .obj, and .smd files along with the textures, and not much else.

Anything I can do, or am I just up shit creek without a paddle?