Porting Test Drive Unlimited

I got a problem here.
Few days ago, I tried porting the cars from Test Drive Unlimited.
I got the program needed, including 3D Ripper DX.
When I capture, and opened it, turned out that I ported the house instead of the cars.
Can someone help me to find out the problem?

which houses? i might need a houses too are they in parts and need to put together in 3d prog. or is it all in one part already?
and sorry i dont know how to help you i dont own the original game…
i didnt know you can port things from tdu either i hear it now 1st
ill ask my friend he knows about these things

I’m trying to do it because I really like the cars.
But, I’m still new, though.
When I rip it, it’s already in one part.

the cars are cool in TDU :smile:
i am waiting for TDU2 i will buy that one when its released :smile:
i asked my friend about tthe porting and he said he is busy with his other stuffs he make and he will reply me back if he will change his mind… i think he will bcs he loves cars and TDU game he owns it too
about the house thing you did thats amazing! it would be cool to make a map with those houses with interior and such things i would love them! :smile:
god damn he better help you out this release would be amazingly respected!

About the houses, you get it wrong.
I want to rip the cars, but I ended up ripping the houses.
I find the houses are quite useless.

i know i understand about the houses i jsut said my idea for using them but the cars are most important there… my friend also said that if you manage port the cars from tdu you will be missing textures and it wont have colurs and other important things such uvmap etc.