Porting Weapons

Ok so i have been searching everywhere on how to port weapons from one game to gmod. I got some brief information from a guy on youtube on how to do it but i dont wanna bother him with my questions.
Anyways, i want to port animations and weapons from a game called Alliance of Valiant Arms.
It uses upk to package anims and meshes.
Thing is i dont know where to start.
Can someone help me find a tutorial or at least tell me how i can make the weapon into a swep?

Thank you if someone can help

use umodel to convert the packages into TGA textures and PSK meshes.

I do that to get MD5 meshes but that’s not enough information to tell me what to do next.

Read UModel’s readme, that’ll inform you of the extracting features it has

You guys still aren’t telling me how to get the weapon IN GMOD.
I know how to export and import into 3DSMax but what do I do NEXT?

Export to SMD then compile it.

Alright. What do I name the SMDs?

Whatever you like.

Oh so its just like stg.smd? That’s the only file you need?
As for the qc, where could I get the script?

Decompile some simple model and you’ll have the /qc from it. You just have to edit this as you like. I did this when I was making a model port first time.

Alright. Sorry, but you guys are not helping.
Please don’t tell me in fragments.
Please give me FULL instructions on how to do it.

Animations - Very complicated I don’t even know if you can do it.
Models - Decompile a simple prop like a heater or something with Cannonfodders mdldecompiler (or any decompiler you like) and replace the reference smd (sometimes the names are different, open the .qc with notepad and see what it has after $model) with your new weapon, in your case replace reference.smd with stg.smd. For small props, or props that aren’t very complicated, replace the bottom line that specifies the physics model where it says “phymodel.smd” replace the phymodel with the reference file. (e.x. change “phymodel.smd” to “stg.smd”) Then go in your steamapps/username/source sdk/bin/ep1/bin/ folder and drag the .qc file over studiomdl and let it run. If you pm me your steam username I’ll add you and help you more if you need it.

Now this, WAS A HUGE HELP.