Ok so i see alot of people why port stuff from other games into gmod
how do i do that please help i want to start relesing models so how do i porn from other games? (sorry that my english sucks)

What game is it your wanting to port from? You need different programs depending on the game, also have you actually modelled anything before or compiled a model for use in source as if you haven’t you should probberly start there before trying to port something.

well does a personal skin counts

hexed one or hacked?



You guys are quite fast.

Not really then.

hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys, i was looking for a way to port from Motorm4x. They are in .mdl format, and the one importer i found for my program (Maya 2011) doesn’t work/for a different style .mdl.

Is it a source based game as if its a HL1 based game there is a decompiler for them around, but otherwise it may be hard to find one.

Um, no. See my thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=976584

Can you say me, how I can port from Starcraft 2?