Portrait Tests

Someone linked this in another thread and I decided to try it out to see if I could get some improvements in my posing since my poses are garbage.

Mine are in the same order as the original.


Any tips on how I can make it better?

did you use volumetric lighting on the bottom right? it looks like you just took out the black regions and replaced them with a huge cyan block

I used a blue lamp to project onto the panel behind it. All the other panels were white in the other pictures just far enough away that they didn’t show. I moved the panel closer in the last pic.

It might be worth moving the body to match the posture of the subject in more of the shots. If you look at the guide, you can see that the subject is standing at various angles, it’s either your framing or just missing the mark that’s making the chest a bit distracting. Try pulling the camera back and zooming in more, there’s a lot of wasted space - be bold with your framing! The hard black background crushes some of the shadowplay, and the cyan one is glaring.

Try labeling which style you went for as well.

Good work so far though, practice makes perfect. :smile: