Ports and tools

which ports need to be opened in order to connect a friend to my multiplayer game?

Also where are ym tools in single player (ie. my fading door tool is missing) and how can i get them back

they still exist in multiplayer if that helps at all i cant figure it out

so nobody knows what ports need to be opened in order to have multiplayer connect and nobody has ever played single player and noticed some of their tools are missing aparently?

Singleplayer removes tools depending on the gamemode you’re playing. Sandbox for example will give me a Phys Gun a Tool Gun and a Camera, nothing else.

As for ports, I can only assume you are trying to host a private server via the “create server” option? I think you need to go into you’re console and type “lan 0” or something like that.

Your post is in the wrong section.

And your tools don’t show up because they are not installed. If you want to have fading door tool then you need to install Conna’s tools to your addons folder.

The tools you are “missing” are present on other dedicated servers and can’t be used in singe player.

Congrats Greza on not being helpful at all. My tools are installed or i wouldnt have access to them on multiplayer servers your not telling me how to get them on single player at all i knwo they arent available on single player i want to know how to fix this.

Thanks Jurikuer ill try that

I know certain ports need to be opened as well so if anybody can let me know which ones i need and how to get my tools to show up in single player id really appreciate it.