Ports forwarded, but won't show in Server list

I’ve forwarded all the needed ports as stated on the Gmod Wiki, but the server still refuses to show on the Server List. It IS running, the console shows the latency of the server, the map and how many players ( 0 obviously ).

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Had this issue with a laptop, but it worked on my desktop. Make sure Windows Firewall isn’t blocking it. Norton is a bish, so make sure it’s disabled/allows srcds through.

Yea, If it’s not working either you’re doing something wrong, or something is blocking it.

Put your PC in a DMZ, that will work.

I’m using a server box, not my own PC.

Hosting from home? if you are, put the server in the DMZ noy your PC.

Sweet, did you forward the ports in windows firewall or iptables if you are using linux?

What did you name the server?

If you’re on the same network as the server, it will not appear in the Internet tab. Get your friend to check for you.

And if you name your server an already named server like gm_flatgrass or gm_construct, it will “hide” behind the other servers.

I called it

[LuckyServers] Ultimate Chimera Hunt

I’m hosting chimera hunt on it, and yes, I did set the default gamemode to fretta, and yes, ultimate chimera hunt IS in the gamemodes folder.

Ports are all forwarded, windows firewall has been set to let it through to host, i have set IP filters for the ports, so they are definately allowed to go through.

This server is hosted miles away from where I live, so there shouldnt be a problem with me being on the same network.

The srcds.exe file that runs when the server starts up shows it has a latency, running the correct map, but even if I do the connect command in console to join to it, it just stops on “Connecting to Server…”

You need to run a steam update for the server, I had this problem with my own GMOD server.

I’ve only recently installed it, as in yesterday

You will more than likely still need to update it.

Wouldnt it still show in the server list, just people wouldnt be able to connect to it?

Well on Monday I bought a GMOD server and it wouldn’t show in the server listings so I done a steam update which took 1 minute and the server was on the list and working 100% fine.