Ports Forwarded, players connect if they got IP but its not showing up in server list

I’ve tried heartbeat,
sv_lan is at 0

I have been having trouble with my dedicated server.

bump This is a mega issue, please help

Who are you hosting it with? Are you hosting it on your own computer perhaps?

Yes, I have port forwarded.

If you are indeed hosting the dedicated server on your own computer, you should disable your antivirus + firewall and restart. If that doesn’t solve it add the ports + hl2.exe to the list of exceptions (firewall)

If you happen to have NOD32 then it surely is the problem, I have encountered similar problems myself with NOD32 running.

I am running NOD32 I will disable it then retry.

Ah, I see.

Remember to disable it COMPLETELY!

That means that you should disable “real-time file system protection” and “Antivirus and antispyware protection” If you have NOD32 antivirus.

If you have Smart security just disable everything, even the firewall.

I just run NOD32 I disabled my firewall and AV it still has an error.

Do you have NOD32 Antivirus or Smart Security?

At any rate, I just remembered that I haven’t asked you if you have used the search function yet.

Have you?

Google is your friend:

First link might help you!

go to www.whatismyip.com
copy your IP
in your servers cfg file add:

Nice one, it’s good to think of everything; even the obvious.
Sometimes the answer is right in front of you :slight_smile:

I assumed that he had set the ip in the servers.cfg file, even though I know that you should never assume anything.

Hopefully this will solve it.

Doesn’t work,
Do i need my LAN IP?

No, it should be working by now. Odd…

I will look around for a bit and see if I can find any threads regarding similar problems.

I went to the 3rd page of google then I got pissed off because I couldn’t find anything.

try setting your server up as a dmz host on your router. if that works, something is wrong with your port forwards.

It may be showing up in the server list as a different IP. You need a static IP for it to correctly show up

i’ll supplement what teddi is saying. if youre using dhcp, you might be getting a different ip address and your port forwards are no longer valid. you could setup a dhcp reservation to counter this.


How could I forget about static ip + dmz!
Sometimes I fail, real bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad that someone other than me has experience when it comes to networks etc, otherwise you would be doomed my friend.

Hopefully this’ll work!

its very rarely a problem, most routers will remember a mac address and keep giving it the same ip address. on top of that, when he set it up originally it wouldnt have changed that quickly.

Yeah, but most routers have major malfunctions too

It’s like they are built for the sole purpose of failing when you need them the most