Pos Your first EDITED PICS

Here is min edited with sony vegas




You can edit pictures in Sony Vegas?

My thoughts exaticly.

I’m not downloading your first edit, fuck that, get them as a url so we can see them here.

Woooho because everyone has Sony Vegas and we can see the files once we download them :downs:

Do as Castro says please! Save them as GIFS, as I presume they are animated.

You can.

Even if I cant see the picture Im sure its a masterpiece.

I don’t want to download it.

Woah dude you should! Every newcomer needs constructive critism on his first pose!

I have Vegas, yet I’m not going to download it.
I’d say you should know howto post a picture before you even start thinking about editing it.

Just do it the right way will you.


here’s my first decently edited pic:


i got older stuff,but it’s god awful really
and when i look back at when i made this older stuff,man, i realize how horrible my English was

Red blood in a black and white picture

i just added the muzzle flash

and the filter


First pose/edit I ever did.

It was my second or third pose but my first edit. :buddy:

First screenie that i have edited with Photoshop.


and edited

I’m not happy with it… :frowning:

First edit. woo!