Pose Tool?

Would it be possible to create a tool that can statue a ragdoll into a preset pose?

eg. Spawn ragdoll bring out tool select pose (waving, running etc.) click ragdoll and bam its frozen into that pose.

Just throwing the idea out there.

I imagine this would lead to a lot of conflict with screenshots & movies section.

or you could pose them yourself?

Id like to have pre posed army men to play with…

So what if I like playing with virtual army men >.>

Why spend 5 minutes posing 1 guy when I could spawn in 20 and give them all separate poses in the same amount of time?

Nah I agree, I would like this tool.

What about adv duped pre posed ragdolls? I can find some on gmod org

Thank you good sir. You have provided a sufficient fix for my problem that I entirely overlooked.
A tool would still be better though.

ADV dupe is doing the same :
1.select tool
2.select pose .
3.here it is .
But if someone make a tool, like you request it would be cool .


http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=20395667&postcount=6 , maybe this ?

Oh, me and my perverted mind.