Pose WIPs and Tips Thread V1

Stealing somebody else’s idea. Irregardless of whatever the discussion about that other thread’s existence’s outcome is, we should have a thread for pose wip’s anyway rather than just build wip’s.

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Let’s start off with a little wiperooni of my own

The ground looks extremely noisy, I feel it doesn’t let the poppies stand out enough.


I’m stuck on this scenebuild, it looks pretty empty but I have no idea what to add to fix that.

what kind of scene are you going for?

A tank convoy passing through a peaceful Dutch village.

Are the roses supposed to look like blood? Because that’s a pretty cool concept.

the blood-roses thing is really cool but i think it would work a lot better as a profile character shot, like maybe he’s leaning against something and the poppies are growing out of him. with the bird’s eye perspective it doesn’t really have a whole lot of depth, which makes it harder to tell that they’re flowers.

i’d lose the cars, forget the tanks, and keep the emptiness, and just throw in a small patrol in the distance. my first thought was the first shot of dunkirk.

Small bits of clutter along walls and raised areas. Maybe some papers, propaganda on the walls. Maybe have some trees tipping over the buildings in the middle.

Also some accessories on the building. Overhangs, awnings, maybe potted plants. Have some milk cartons around or a market cart in the back?

as the unintended killer of the DWT thread i feel impelled to contribute to this one:

just follow this spooky hyperlink guys

This is what it looks like right now:


Thanks for the suggestions Docta, I’m gonna port the things I need and add them to the scene later.

does this mean we get more scenebuild stuffs

For sure, everything in there minus the cars, the soldier and the tank are part of an update I’m making for this pack : http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1559127



More progress


I’ve been practicing for a while since I feel like my stuff is pretty garbage lately. I made these poses on Construct’s black room to practice and see if I can come up with good poses for a scenebuild that I’m currently working on (I’ll post some images later of it later). Any feedback/thoughts/tips about these generic instances?

These are some sleek models, try and put them in some old corridor in an abandoned building with faded natural light seeping in onto them

Get like 20 pedestrians on each sidewalk. Add sky/clouds. Get tank more to the center where the white door is? More troops marching with tanks? Add a lamp for sun coming from top left, creating shade on the left building walls?

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Sorry, missed the other picture below. You did a great job on the follow-ups.

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Much better rubble and the lighting is fantastic.

Needs more dirt. Seriously, muss up those roads with some oil patches or bits of dirt or discolored patches. I don’t think the dutch go out and pressure wash their cobbles everyday. Other than that what Docta Ubafest said. Trash, paper, propaganda posters. Lookin good!

Hey I’m working on a banner for something and I’m looking for a better Combine APC. Are there any retextures/remodels/enhanced/whatever Combine vehicles out there?

I haven’t seen any re-textured APCs that are very good, you should consider texture passes, it gives you the best form of control, here’s what I did on a combine dropship of the same style as the APC:

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this is how it looked like without a texture pass, for reference: https://img3.picload.org/image/rddloiop/wip1.png

My scene is done, thanks for the help guys.


A thing I worked on recently that I want to get back to, wanted some sort of junk temple but I don’t know what to add/what context it needs, should I show the ground or not, etc