Poseing questions

Hey there folks, I need some help!

Need some help getting somethings covered, such as:

what is the console command to remove the cigarette from bill’s face so I can pose with out it, or is there a reskin/duplicate model floating around on this site that has that already done?

when making battle scene poses, is it recommended to refrain from the paint tool?

What pose maps do you guys recommend I should use when making scenes, I know Rp downtown 2 is one of them, RP silent hill, but thats all I know so far. any ideas?

that’s all I can dish out for I’m drawing a blank at the moment.


Please don’t use this.

But I don’t know how to use the Green fucking screen!

Alright I wont, but what should I use?

Put some motherfucking shit in front of the goddamn Green fucking Screen, take a fucking sick screenshot and replace the fucking green with a motherfucking kickass background.