Posing Practice: Knife + Zombies

I refuse to do any editing other than In-game because my lack of skill.
Also, I haven’t played Gmod for a while so I’m gonna be doing practice. Tell me what I can improve on ‘n’ shit.

Shitty Super DOF version




I fucking keep on forgetting to turn pic quality to 100…

** ALSO:

Feel free to edit, just mention me in some way when you’re done.**

Very good image. The only complaint I have is one of realism. His expression should be far more angry, and he should be focusing on the zombie he just stabbed. Other than that it’s good.

He’s just too badass for that.

I wasn’t really aiming for realism, I was aiming for a “Bad Ass Mother Fucker Stabbing some Zombies”-esque scene. But thank you, I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

Lol! I just realized the clipping of the sliced zombies arm going into the crotch of the trooper. Fucking A.

Also you could use the console command " ent_Fire !picker setbodygroup 1 " ( it goes through infinty, without teh quotes) when poinsg infected.

It looks good from what i can see. Camera angle is good also

Why? What does it do?

gives more variation to infected, instead of seeing the same infected with the same face and the same clothing

Thank you, I’ll do that next time.

Face poser is your friend, haha. and also be careful with dof. his face looks a bit blurry with it on. Other than that pretty neat.

I chose to not pose his face because he already has the “Fuck your shit, Bitch” look on him, but yeah, I agree. I kinda didn’t tweak the DOF enough. I’ll be more careful next picture.