Posing Practice Need Tips + Pics!

I just decided to take my posing seriously and I was wondering if this pose was good. It’s a Section 8 model holding a heavy machine gun. I need to know if his back was arched right his arms were in the right position, and any other body poses.

Right Side View

Left Side View

That pose is veeery good mate!

(INB4 Leon)

His shoulders need to be more twisted, try standing up and striking the pose that you’re going to pose and see what you would look like in the real world.

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Guys, guys, this thread is about helping a guy improve his posing, so let’s stick to it. Please.

On the topic: everything’s nice but the shoulders. When posing always look out for the clipping. If it happens - it’s gonna spoil the whole picture.

He’s right, quit attacking Leon, that’s how threads are getting fucked up by a bunch of retards fighting each others.

Your posing is pretty good, try to upper the gun it will look much better.