Posing Raphael and Amy

Well, hi gentlemen, I’m new here! Hope you can give me some opinions and suggestions to improve my posing skills. Intially I started with stupid non-sense posing, now I’m trying to make something more elaborate.

Old pose

Use an other map, and we dont need to see so many diffrent views.

Yeah maybe that was an overkill of images :stuck_out_tongue:
I was planning to find a good map for this pose, but I get too focused on the posing that i forget to find some >_>

I’ll find one soon

First off, focus on one camera angle primarily. Posting so many different shots, particularly around such
a small pose is completely unnecessary, unless if you’re really struggling to find the best angle.

Second, like theobod said, avoid posing on Construct. Unless if your posing something thats a troll pose
or something that directly relates to this map, avoid it. In this case, try find a map that would best suit
Soul Calibur models/themes. Like, a castle interior, or erm, well, anything else that isn’t this map. :v:

On a higher note I don’t mind Raphael’s posing. Not sure why he’s gonna shiv Amy though.

A: I don’t understand what’s going on.
B: Back up, and zoom in with the camera.
C: He doesn’t look natural, why is he looking up at the sky?
D: Why is she on her knees holding the tip of the sword?

Thank you! The “meaning” of the scene should be Amy kissing Raphael’s rapier, he’s not gonna shiv his sista of course! :V

Btw, there’s a way to export this poses to import them in a different map? I know it’s kinda off-topic but… if not i’ll probably try another pose in a different map.(A noob mistake by me)

Is she going to suck it? Looks like that anyway.

Yep, the point of Amy’s pose was to be a bit ambiguous.
Congrantz sir, your are as pervert as me!

Zak, get Advanced Duplicator 2. It not only lets you archive poses, but you can also copy a general area and save it to paste later.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought sword fellatio.

Thanks man, that’s what I was searching. I’ll update the topic when i’ll finish to work with the scenario, lights and whatever else.

PS: I’m glad that almost everyone got that feeling about Amy and the rapier:P

The posing is OK, but she looks like she is about to take a facial from the sword… not kiss it.

You can ask Ryu-Gi about these things :v:

nah, the models are anime-ish or otherwise eastern-inspired

definitely Ryu-Gi’s field of expertise

Ok, got something out of it. I’ll update the top post too.

The hardest phase for me is still the post-processing, there are so many things you have to take into account that you can lose all of your time for it.
I modified Raphael’s right arm and Amy’s one to make the

Well that is certainly a much bigger improvement.

The angle/lighting could still do with some work but not a bad start.

Tip: Back up a lot more, and zoom in more. Then, instead of using the camera to take a picture, type Poster 1 in console. It’s a ton better than the silly built in camera. The screenshot will be in your Gmod screenshots folder, just sort by date modified and it’ll be at the top.

I still don’t quite understand what’s going on in the scene. Why is Raph sticking his sword in Amy’s face? Is Amy catching it? Is she begging for mercy? These questions need to be addressed visually.

The DOF looks a little weird. Also don’t be afraid the angle the camera a bit, it can add tension to a scene.

Also, what’s the map? Looks kinda cool.

@Prototype: Didn’t know about that, thanks for the tip.

@Ryu-gi: Amy should be in the act of kissing the blade, maybe her face is too far to get the exact feeling. The map is basically a replica of the RE1:Rebirth mansion. It isn’t in the workshop though, you can find it at gamebanana(or at least this version).

Also, I noticed that the images uploaded on picasa are brighter then the originals… like WTF.