Posing, screenshots, editing and related questions thread

I thought of this a while back, but thought it would die soon. Now I see, though, that a lot of vaguely related questions are being asked on threads about screenshots (some by me, too), and I have personal experience that dedicated question threads go down quick in here.

So, this should act well as a Q&A centre for noobs and the otherwise unknowing, where more knowledged and kind-minded people can answer them.

For clarity, while answering, quote the related post(s), and possibly bold the essential parts, especially if you’re only answering some of the questions.

I’m gonna start it off by a couple of my own:

  1. Any original HL2 maps with wide open flat spaces you’d recommend? I might need one for a project I’m hoping to sometimes pose.
  2. Is it possible to no-collide with the ground, or to no-collide parts of ragdolls with other parts of the same ragdoll?
  3. Is it possible to partially statue a ragdoll, maybe through some mod or something? Also, is there a fix around for the statue tool erasing the held parts of a ragdoll?
  4. Is it possible to apply colours, shaders, textures and such on only parts of a ragdoll?
  1. Try one of the Ep2 maps, There might be something in there.

  2. Get This.

  3. I don’t think so

  4. I don’t know.

Now my questions.

  1. Anyone have a good, dark, jungle map for Tf2? With lots of trees and vines n stuff, Jungle.

2.Anyone have a config that makes stuff look really good. Graphics config.

3.Anyone know a place I can get some good Models.

a better answer to your second question is to use the advanced ball socket tool to the ground with free movement ticked

Thanks for all the answers, both of you. Hope this keeps on the first page.

nice thread

Now its my turn!

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a good posing map? (i.e: Hl2 themed, TF2 Themed, No CS:S((Because I don’t own it yet! =O)) or even any maps that have a good skybox, i.e day,night, evening)

  2. I need new ragdolls for posing, does anyone have links to descent ragdolls or anything or that matter?

  3. Where is a good skin pack for the HL2 characters besides the FF ones and the High quality ones on GMod.org? <–Urgent


  5. I also need good vehicles, like jeeps (HL2 Jeep replacement Hexed models and such) just as long as it stays to the HL2 Theme.

  6. Final Question! =D : How do I turn down the brightness on my Phys Gun Beam? because it gets distracting when I pose Details and stuff? and if possible, how do I make it smaller (i.e: to pick up small props and still be able to see it)

Random Fact: Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy =D

Thanks, I think it’ll be useful. ICwhutUdidthar, tho. Rated me optimistic there, didn’t you?

More q’s:

  1. How do I get the console to show?
  2. Where can I find the TF2 update weapons?
  3. Just for the purposes of archiving (I happen to know the location), where can I find the fix for the TF2 textures all black glitch?
  4. Are the TF2 hats also found as items, or only as variations of the ragdolls (will research this to my best capability, and update with an answer if I find one)?

answer of #3: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=792444

1ist one is just to go to the GMod shortcut on your desktop and click properties, then in the line type “-console” without the " at the very end.

  1. Options, advanced options check the box that is required! <–In Game!

  2. on GMod.org there is a spawnlist addon for it, unless you just wanna look into your “Browse” tab the TF2 then weapons, then c_models and there ya go!

  3. you already did it =D

4.I have no Idea =( sorry

just a lil’ further q on #1, what do I do then, which button opens the console when it’s enabled? Will prolly be in there, but just in case (so it’ll be here when I’m done checking, firing up Gmod right now).

It opens a box with 2 (two) Check Boxes, one is for quick weapon switch or something, and the other is for the Developer’s Console

Sorry, I’m too much of a noob for the rest of them (lul, why I made the thread), but as for #6, it shouldn’t be too hard posing without it. I can do it, and I’m a noob, plus my mouse/software has a glitch/is broken so that it sometimes takes one click as two, and still I can pose without the beam.

Even if it were small, it’d still be the way. For precision stuff, you’re just better off without it at all.

BUT that said, there probably is a reskin. I’m pretty sure the Harry Potter wand wingardium leviosa replacement, for just an odd example (meh, nothing compared to your D. Fauntleroy Duck), has the bright light at the end removed and just has the shiny cord running from the physgu… wand to the item being held.

Also, more questions :ohdear:

  1. WHY aren’t my downloaded fixes working? My TF2 shotty is still shoddy, even though I followed the instructions, and my TF2 models are still odd, even though I merged the provided models file with the original. Restarting steam hasn’t helped at least for the shotty fix. I have successfully downloaded addons (ones that go into the addons folder though), so it’s something a bit more specific than me just screwing up.

also, a further q about the TF2 updated weapons (that I forgot from the original reply to the answer), actually I already tried searching them, they’re not in Gmod by default, I was asking more about where to download them/how to make them download automatically.

If your talking about non .MDL models, this is a good place:

Most of the models are going to cost some money, but they have a large range of free models as well.
The place also holds a pretty massive amount of commercial textures.

Hey archlurps you should add all F.A.Q. with answers from this thread to the frontpage.

Here : http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=69154
I’m pretty sure, I don’t know, I don’t use these, I just look in the browse tab =P sorry if it doesn’t work though!

No collide world. Search garrysmod.com

would seem like what I’m looking for. i doubt it includes the newes spy&sniper ones though, since it mentions Egypt in a light that implies it’s something new at the time.


Still, WHY aren’t my addons working?!? Makes me mad! I have this great idea for TF2, but I have no chance of realizing it with the models looking sunken in tar :saddowns:

Your still having the TF2 Black Model problem?!: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=76193


Maybe I indeed should… Might be a bit toilsome though, but I don’t really seem to mind it whilst commenting the whole first page every day (such a déja vu of my Toribash forums usage a certain summer a year or two back), so maybe I just might, especially since there isn’t too much to archive yet. Would make getting answers to as of yet unanswered questions easier, too, if I, say bolded them or something.

Thanks… who knows, maybe that helps better, although I think I installed the other one correctly. Had no readme though, so can’t really be sure.

Will try it out tomorrow, I gotta go to sleep some time around no so as not to feel dead at school tomorrow.