hi , well i download a Time + Ranks and its awesome but my question is about this

you see there’s 2 boxes and the rank imagen and the other the rank , time on etc… and the code for all of this is this:

--Outer box border
		draw.RoundedBox(8, x-7, 8, w+24,h*6+93, Color(150,150,150,255))
		--Outer box
		draw.RoundedBox(8, x-5, 10, w+20,h*6+89, Color(50,50,50,255))
		--Rank image box
		draw.RoundedBox(8, x, 15, w+10, 74, Color(100,100,100,255))
		--Info box
		draw.RoundedBox(8, x,1y, w+10, h*6, Color(100,100,100,255))
		draw.SimpleText(msg[1], "DefaultSmall", x+5, y+5, Color(255,255,255,255))
		draw.SimpleText(msg[2], "DefaultSmall", x+5, y+h+7, Color(255,255,255,255))
		draw.SimpleText(msg[3], "DefaultSmall", x+7, y+h+41, Color(255,255,255,255))
		--Info box progress bar
		if not PlayerRanks[CurSyncRank+1] then return end;
		local rnum = PlayerRanks[CurSyncRank+1].Time - PlayerRanks[CurSyncRank].Time
		local plnum = CurSyncTime - PlayerRanks[CurSyncRank].Time
		local percent = plnum/rnum*100
		local size = (w-4)/100*percent
		local ypos = y+20+h
		draw.RoundedBox(4, x+4, ypos, w, 20, Color(150,150,150,255))

		--Info box progress bar text
		msg = ToHoursMinutesSeconds(rnum-plnum)
		local w2,h2 = surface.GetTextSize(msg)
		local tx = (x+6+((w-4)/2))-(w2/2)
		local ty = (ypos+8)-(h2/4)
		draw.RoundedBox(4, tx-2, ty-1,w2+4,h2+1, Color(30,30,30,180))
		draw.SimpleText(msg, "DefaultSmall", tx, ty, Color(255,255,255,255))

The Question:

How i can delete the images code and adjus the box to the other box ( the second box )

Thanks ! =)

( i know that to delete the image’s box i need to delete the Rank image box but that leave an space in grey without anything so how can i adjust the POSITION ( The Space )

That thing hehe thanks guys !

For changing the size of the first menu change this [lua]draw.RoundedBox(8, x, 15, w+10, 74, Color(100,100,100,255))[/lua] to this [lua]draw.RoundedBox(8, x,1y, w+10, h*6, Color(100,100,100,255))[/lua]. Now for the images I have no idea, but I think you just remove the images (the vtf and vmt files).