Positioning things on vehicles, and basic vehicle help.

Well, I’m not the best at Vector positions etc. I’m trying to get more active into making vehicles, for various reasons mainly for practice with positions and all that. So can someone tell me how the positioning works, and how I can find the position so I can place seats, wheels and etc. on the vehicle. Is there an easy way to find the positions? Also can anyone inform me on how to make a basic vehicle, like an empty script so I can understand how it works and the format etc.

Go into sandbox, spawn a jeep model at Vector(0,0,0), put some seats in it. Get their positions.

here’s what I use to position weapons at the hardpoints of my jets:

This is done with console commands or binds if you prefer.

Step 1:
Target the prop you wanna use and type this:

lua_run S = player.GetAll()[1]:GetEyeTrace().Entity

Step 2:
target the prop you want to fetch coordinates from:

lua_run print( "Vector( "..S:WorldToLocal( player.GetAll()[1]:GetEyeTrace().Entity:GetPos() )..")" )

This seems very efficient, thankyou.