Positive comments welcomed here....

This last update has surely taken Rust to an acceptable level of play. Very playable now from a layman’s point of view.
Knowing FP, there is more they would like to do, but I would like to suggest a point in time love in…
EDIT: I would also like to add, that my friend was not playing Rust prior to this update due to the issues. My friend quite enjoyed their time playing and commented how much better the game was.

  1. Played for over 12hrs straight, with some help from a friend and built a nice Stone base with no real issues with the missing Demolish. I was left primarily alone on my out the way base which probably helped. I gradually built and used twig to shape my place. Of course I left out the window sniping post, and after upgrading to stone this will be difficult to get in, but I left it out to ensure better security. If I want to snipe, I would need to get out and make a sniping tower separate to my base.
  2. Game play and performance were good. In fact, the server was giving me about 15-20 FPS, but was sufficient for most PVP. This could be improved, but was definitely playable.
  3. Have learned many new workarounds to survive and balance is good across the board
  4. Weapon balance is good
  5. Durability is good. Really appreciate the Repair bench. The cost to upgrade is good.
  6. RAD is a bit high, but I was able to make several RAD visits with some of my learned workarounds. Now I can get in to RAD and get several booty grabs any time the camping CLANS allow me to.
  7. The excessive cold/hot issue did not impact me. I guess it was that I was able to avoid those regions until I had sufficient clothing. If you have the right clothing, you should be good to go.
  8. Environment and Sounds are great. Really feels nice to run around look for PVP fights to avoid. All I need now is a bright fluffy white scared rabbit tail :slight_smile:
  9. I believe the low airdrops have really improved the fairness of reaching an airdrop.

Thx FP.

  1. I really hope they change the rad more lethal, or make area(s) which is more deadlier and bigger than the current rad towns. (Which requires actual rad suit, not the current which we’ve in the game)
  2. They need to add that campfires actually warms the rooms not only small area around the campfire.
  3. I think they should raise it slightly higher, currently you pretty much have to be right under it to get to the drop, also would love to see that airdrops are not daily event, but like every 2nd day or so. And maybe multiple drops not just one. (But just my opinion)

Good points, and I am sure my opinion may be off in some areas, but I was hoping to keep the post as a love in, of things you enjoy about the latest state of the game.

Apologies, I went right into thinking ways to improve the game x(

But the gameplay is improved alot last couple of weeks.

Everytime I get a sweet shot with the new bow I’m reborn a little inside. So damn satisfying!

Aye indeed, since our Archery Target practice I’ve improved my shots, and am quite liking the Bow right now.


  1. Using admin tool no longer cuts out when you are up in the air on your way to help someone out
  2. Players seem to have less disconnections than the other day
  3. Entities out of order error seems to have settled down
  4. Raknet specific errors appear to have settled down
  5. Wipe requirements on updates appears to be settling down or at least there is more time between wipes the last week or so


  1. Love the new sounds with exception of the AK and Tommy (their original sounds were much beefier IMO)
  2. Like that the planes fly lower
  3. Less reports of ‘greifing’ now that demoing has been removed
  4. Love seeing fresh new content every week now rather than more behind the scenes fixes (which are also good)
  5. Map/world as it is now compared to end of dec/early jan - the world is full of feature rather than a big empty map

Ya, baby.
I bowed a moving naked from what seemed like 200m away. Something I could never do with anything other than rifle. Terrible close in though.