Possessed Soldier shoots Civilian (WARNING: 56ker's beware)


It took me a while to load so i’m not sure about anyone else. This is really the first image i’ve taken and edited that has taken THAT long to upload though, so i just thought a warning should be in order.

Far from my best, i just quickly threw something together for the fun of it for Halloween, and i was kinda bored. I DID edit it in photoshop, i just did alot of touchup effects and added some blur for the far background.

I might do some other Halloween poses for the hell of it later in the week. I don’t care if you edit it.

Heres some “thread music” (lol) to go along with it if you want.

Save it as a Jpeg with a high quality next time. It’s taking a bit to load.

Saving it as a Jpeg causes artifacting which reduces the quality, sometimes extremely. I’ll most likely just decrease it’s size in the future.

Not if you save it as a 100% quality jpeg.

Upload it to Filesmelt or something else, imageshack likes to take forever to load a .png

I was about to say “why the 56K warning? What is this, 2001?” but really your thread should say “20meg’ers beware” because of the unnecessary use of PNG and the poor choice of upload to imageshack.


I waited a minute to see that? I want my minute back.

i got a high speed connection and even I took long to see your picture
just do like everyone else and save your pictures as jpgs 100% quality…

What are artifacts anyways?

Oh, and the picture is kind of needlessly big.

Me too

Hah to me picture loaded instantly. That soldier looks like someone whacked his face with some pipe.

It took me 5 seconds to load


I want my 3 secs back. Seriously, practise some more.

I want my 0,03 seconds back.

lolol showoff

It took a second to load, why are people complaining.

Imageshack loading times vary a lot. Some days it’s two minutes, some days it’s instant.