Possessing evil babies accompanied by ducks attack Gm_construct


The ducks also possess.

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and eat fingers

Remove tool REMOVE TOOL!

Maybe if he just gave him a friendly handshake the whole thing could be straightened out.

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Oh wait.



this is just terrible i’m not trying to be rude but you’ve done better pictures. this isn’t post worthy, good, adequate, anything. you picked a stupid idea that you thought while masturbating didn’t you?
the effects are sub par to be honest, oh look i can smudge a gmod effect look at me go.
the posing is terrible. the one shooting the smudge gun looks like hes about to fall backwards. what the fuck is up with his facial expression i mean seriously is he ejaculating?
unessecary duck shittily photoshopped into his mouth, because we all know ducks make pictures better :v:
itt: people laughing at something incredibly unfunny oh look at that. oh its so funny goldenbullet ur a genius k q t pi.
red light from the one armed babies eyes would not cast light on the ‘posessed’ citizens face. the bald citizen should have some redish hue to him if the light from the babies eyes is that strong, how hard is that to understand?
yeah construct.
how boss is that.

The only thing more boss would be looking off sternly into the distance when someone is trying to talk to you but you can’t hear them because you’re so deep in your manly thoughts.

I think one part of this was inspired by a story I told him, so I would hope he wasn’t having a wank at the time.

itt: me being right

Let’s all have some tequila and get along.

yeah sure man. ;D

i love British people and your way of speaking

I wanna meet the person who came up with “A date with Rosie Palms”

He was probably also British.

wtf is a date with rosie palms?

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Does that insinuate masturbation?

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I prefer to say MASSIVE POWER WANK

maximum overwank.

Check out this guy :v:



lmfao hard ass who gives criticism watch out!

hi im chesty
they call me
the ging

Ayayayayayay ima take your wife with ma pist0ls

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CAPS grrr

mm chesty your sexy


“hey guis get outta mah thread”

I’m sexy too

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