Possibility of A "weld to self" STOOL

I was wondering if there is a preexisting stool that lets you weld things to yourself, the player. I may be able to script one, but if there is a stool already like this, I couldn’t find it.
So is there one, or would I have to script it myself?

why not just use PAC (hat tool)?

I think he means like welding props to himself, PAC parents stuff so it wont be collidable at all. And yes, theres a STOOL, i cant remember what its called though

This one? http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=670884
Unfortunately things don’t rotate with you.

Thats the one! And it shouldn’t be that hard to make things rotate… In theory…

i can imagine the minging already never put that on a sandbox server that is on a urban map because some person would most likely weld a train or so on himself them walk around pushing shit and being retarded

I can’t really remember, but i don’t think it works like that. And you could put a size restriction with BoundingBoxes