Possibility to fix Workshop upload issue?

Sup human race
i read some forum posts here on facepunch about workshop (gmpublish,gmad,workshopper, etc.) and lot of people having big trouble with uploading/updating stuff to workshop including my personality, they cant upload anything to workshop, no new stuff, no patches for their work, some person gets crazy (insane) about this thing.
So heres a my theory how upload works:

  1. Creating .gma file – works fine to all, all files is packed to gma archive with no compression that means gma have same size as entire folder of addon (sometimes bigger becoz gma include addon.json information)

  2. Upload process gmpublish and workshopper

Step one: compressing gma file – that means gma is compressed to .gm files with LZMA zip method. These files are put to userdata/<userid(number)>/<appid(4000 for garrysmod)>/remote/uploads/addons

Step two: uploading to workshop servers --> and theres a problem, this step is citical for some reason, where .gm file is being uploaded, for some reason it dont

  Here's another theory:

      1st theory - maximum upload size limit - maybye u reached maximum size upload limit for workshop?
                         my think is- NO, i calculate all addons of some innamed person on steam full size of his workshop is over 340 MB, mine is only 132 MB so i think this is not the problem
   2nd theory - steam servers are busy? - i can believe that but only durring some steam sale, but now? now is "download stability" should be fine to upload some stuff. some people dont have this troubles so this theory doesnt have any radical changes to fail upload
   3rd theory - Steam Cloud -&gt; this can be more make sence - Where is gonna uploading settings,screenshots, and worshop items? To your Steam Cloud. 
                                                  i have this problem with sync gmod with steam cloud, everytime i start Gmod steam shows me error window "Steam was not able to synchronize Garrysmod with  steam cloud"
                                                  U have two options, Play game or Cancel, my friend have this problem too, he cant update or upload stuff to workshop same as mine.
                                                  Maybye Steam Cloud causes this fail? I think yes. How to fix that? I dont know. I submit post to Steam Support but theyre seem to be silent.

     4th theory - Valve bans you? -&gt; Is Valve ban you so you cant upload anything to workshop? If they really do why didn't they send message? My think-&gt; this is bullshit, is it way to not inform user about ban?

To end:
Why others can upload stuff to workshop and Im not? Do you ask yourself same question?
For those who read it and dont have this problem please dont reply some shit, leave it to yourself
Next theory is maybye not correctly working version of gmpublish?
Attention!! Gmod Workshopper is old but it still working!!
Everyone seems to silent about this – Valve(own Workshop), and Garry. I never saw any of theirs comments about this problem.

Feel free to reply your new theories and comments about this, maybye for some people this thread will be help to locate their problem.

I was able to get my addon to update around 8 days ago when uploading conker to my rareware pack, but that took repeated upload attempts til it finally decided it wanted to work again. Now this issue is biting me again, and after 4 days worth of upload attempts, nothing. I don’t want to run off with the conclusion that it “only works when it feels like it” so i think we’d better get someone to look into the more techinical aspects as to why this happens.

I know what you mean…
I have this npc file, and have been trying to upload it for over 2 months, and it just takes me to the blue menu. I recently turned this npc to a player model too. But can’t get it to upload. Garry posted this thread http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1242185
Can someone confirm the theory of this working possible better then the workshopper tool, or atleast print an error?